Floor Care Services

JLT offers quality commercial floor cleaning services, as well as excellent floor maintenance services, for all types of commercial facilities. Whether you are seeking routine maintenance and cleaning or periodic deep cleaning and restoration, we are up to the job of making your floors look great. A shiny floor or freshly vacuumed carpet leaves a good impression and reflects well on your business. Clean floors are among the most frequently cited metrics in customer satisfaction surveys. Our state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality cleaning products and attention to detail will help your business look good and extend the life of your hardwood, tile and carpet for years.

Office/Commercial Cleaning

JLT Cleaning Solutions specializes in providing tailored cleaning services for all types of building sizes and business needs.  We do so with a local, dependable and responsive team, safe cleaning products and with your budget in mind.  Our team of professionally trained cleaning technicians can do everything from basic dusting, vacuuming and janitorial services to heavy duty cleaning of flooring, UV powered cleaning and much more.

After the initial cleaning, our detailed cleaning services will be conducted on a rotating monthly, weekly, biweekly or daily basis, according to your specific business needs. This ensures that your office is always up to par We have high standards and our work speaks to that. We prove our commitment to our customers through maintaining our high standards of excellence.

Move-In/Move-Out/Post Renovation

Whether it’s a home or office, moving is a tough process. In fact, most believe that moving is one of the most stressful and exhausting processes in life. Getting your things organized, changing of an address, changing schools, changing of offices, scheduling moving services, career change—it can all present a significant challenge. In addition to that, you have to make sure your former residence/office is clean to ensure the sell of your home/office or that you ensure the return of your deposit on a lease. Either way, the home must be move-in ready.  That’s where JLT comes in!

Naturally, moving is messy. Our supreme cleaning team will make sure that your new home or office and/or your former residence or office is sparkling and move-in/move-out ready!